Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bi-Monthly Weigh In : Starting Over (Week 1)

Starting BMI:  27.0 (computed here)
Height:  6'1"
Starting weight: 205 lbs
Goal weight:  180 lbs (for now)

Last week's weight: 205
Current weight:  205

Last week's BMI: 27.0
Current BMI:  27.0
Goal BMI:  23.7

Pounds Lost this week: 0
Total Pounds Lost:  0
Pounds until goal:  25

1.  Reiterate my goal(s) and where I stand in reference to this goal.

- I'm starting over (fresh) again.  I have slacked off and gained weight.  I never thought I would hit the over 200 lb mark consistently (except when I was pregnant) but I am sucking it up at 205 lb lately.
- I want to focus in on this more and find ways to remind myself and build willpower.  I want to be healthy and eat healthy so that I can teach my children good habits as well.

2.  Discuss what I am going to do to achieve my goals.

-  I honestly think (not playing the blame game here) that my thyroid medication is out of last blood test was at 14 (low thyroid) even though my dose had just been bumped up.  I'm following up on this and also researching how to get effective thyroid replacement therapy and a good doctor (my ob/gyn is graciously working with me right now).

-  Start exercising weekly if not daily.  Alternate between pilates/yoga and Tae Bo dvds that I currently own.  -  Possibly consider joining a gym, fitness center or community center.
-  I will only eat one sweet/dessert each week
-  I will learn more about portions and portion control
-  Drink more water; drink water when I want to snack 
-  Brush my teeth more often and when I want to snack.  What can I say I like clean teeth feel.  I figure if I brush a little more (not excessively) it will deter me a little from snacking.

3.  Try to motivate others to join in on trying to become more healthy.

-  Not sure what I'm doing here.  My friend is doing great with Weight Watchers and exercise so she motivated me.  Maybe team up with her.  Try and motivate my sister or something. 

4.  Post a (reasonably healthy) recipe that I've tried, a cooking tip, a new idea for working out, a photo update of my weight loss or anything else I feel like sharing.
Motivation via Humiliation...current pictures; also rocking the farmer tan

P.S.  We haven't lived with my in-laws for over 6 months now so no more blaming what I ate there.  I am in charge of the groceries and meal planning and I am the only one to blame for what I eat.

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