Sunday, June 24, 2012

So it begins...

I am starting this blog as a journal for myself.  A journal to track my progress towards becoming a healthier version of myself (and my family).  I hoping to make this site so that my husband could join in with his own entries if he ever wants.  I want to do weekly weigh ins, share healthy recipes, exercise routines, and other tips that I hope to pick up and make habits along the way.

The story of me:  I used to be fairly skinny growing up.  I am quite tall (6'1") and I think this attributed to it as well as a high metabolism / thyroid problems.  I weighed 145-150 lbs through high school without trying and having major bad eating habits (cookie dough, chips and just junk).  When I was out of high school I went to a doctor in 2003 (I believe) to have tremors in my hands checked out.  I weighed somewhere around 165 lbs at the time and was 23 years old.  The doctor did some checks and it was determined I had Grave's Disease (hyper-thyroid).  Grave's will definitely keep you skinny in a not so good for your body way.  I decided to have RAI (radioactive iodine) treatment which radioactively removed or killed off my thyroid.  Once my thyroid was gone I gained weight rapidly and became bloated because my doctor didn't put me on any thyroid medicine immediately.  I came to his office 3 weeks to a month later having gained 30-35 lbs and just crossing the 200 lb threshold.  HOLY COW!!  I felt like crap too.  I had no energy, my face and hands were puffy, friends commented on how I didn't look good and I generally just felt a malaise about everything.  The doctor didn't believe that my thyroid could be "burnt out" so quickly and ran some blood work.  I had no TSH/thyroid hormone circulating.  That sucker (my thyroid) was toast!  So on the thyroid replacement hormone pills I went and I started to feel better but weight was definitely more of an issue.  I got back down to around 175 lbs for a few years and then my weight started creeping up again and settled around 185 lbs for a couple years.  I married my sweetheart and of course gained some "happily married" weight and probably some depression weight (we found out I wouldn't be able to have kids the 'old fashioned' way just before getting married).  And for the last 4 years I've settled in between 190-195 lbs...sometimes getting around 185 lbs when I focus my efforts but not much lower.  We went through infertility treatments a little over 3 years into marriage and were blessed with beautiful twin girls.  Luckily I didn't gain very much during treatment due to my case and I actually lost A LOT of weight just after the girls were born.  I went down to 165-170 lbs again for a couple short months...I attribute this to my thyroid hormones and female hormones finally being somewhat normal and also to the fact I couldn't keep enough food down the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

But anyway that brings me to today.  I weigh 196 lbs and I know that I am inching closer to that 200 lb mark.  I'm not going to do it!  I will be taking control of my diet and lifestyle.  I don't have a bad self-image but I want to be happy with my body.  Completely happy.  Okay well completely might take a while but I want to get there.  So that is my story and history in a nutshell.

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